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aesthetic & structural remedial services sydney

Save time and money on constant repairs and outgoing costs with Modena Remedial.

REPAIR Instead of replacing

Noticing wear and tear or structural faults in your building or home?

Save the hassle of costly replacements, ongoing maintenance and constant outgoing costs with a remedial expert that will not only prevent future structural faults, but also increase the value of your property with an aesthetic, modern refresh.

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Facade Replacement & FACELIFTS

Is your property looking aged?

Modena Remedial specialise in facade replacement. Without altering the structure of your property, our experts will replace worn components, paint and restructure the facade of your property to a modern standard.

Concrete Cancer

Are your floors or walls suffering from concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer is a common issue that is of significant risk to yourself or tenants. The rusting of the reinforced steel within concrete slabs causes brittle, cracked surfaces.
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Common Area renovations

Does your common area need to be updated?

Reward your tenants with a modern, practical common area that will increase the value of your property and maintain structure. We specialise in seamless renovations to get your common room up to modern standard in no time.

Building Defects

Suffering from the stress of unanticipated defects?

We know what is required by legal compliance & safety measures. Our defect rectification services will ensure your property is future-proof, compliant & safe for family or tenants.

Concrete Wall


Are your wet areas struggling? Are your concrete slabs showing their true age?

We can offer specialised waterproofing solutions that will avoid the nasty costs of replacing an entire bathroom or wet area. We can also strengthen withered concrete slabs with our specialised technologies that are readily available.

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