New Home

Realise your dream with us

Looking to build your dream home with a trusted & reliable developer?

Modena has experience in building 100's of family homes that have been designed with finesse & modern touch.

Our Simple process

Our step by step process allows us to deliver a successful new build every single time.

  1. Design: Have your architectural designs ready, so we can fully understand your vision (we can recommend a trusted architect for you if you need)

  2. Proposal: Once we have reviewed your designs and understood your dream, we will provide a proposal that includes the scope, costs & timelines

  3. Demolition: We organise and manage the demolition of your site

  4. Build: We create your dream home from the ground up

  5. Finishes: We commend ourselves on quality finishes that will last.

  6. Landscaping: Unlike most home builders, we include landscaping and concrete finishes in every new home build. You only need to ask