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structural Location Services sydney

Understand the whereabouts & characteristics of the crucial aspects of your property before, during and after commencement.


Unsure of the location of your sewerage, electrical & structural components?

Save the hassle of bottlenecks & hazards by identifying the characteristics & location of all crucial construction elements. We scan, identify and pinpoint all subsurface elements in a concise report so you can make a well-informed decision.



We have the latest in concrete scanning technologies.

We can locate, identify and report on all subsurface elements located beneath any concrete surface. We pinpoint this subsurface data for your reference and ability to make an informed construction related decisions.

Cable & infrastructure locating

Cable & Infrastructure Locating
Modena Location Services are capable of locating all subsurface cables & infrastructure that allows you to identify & consider the most appropriate course of action during construction.


Film & coat thickness

Determine the thickness of film & coats for OC approval.

Our team offers quick and seamless testing of your coating & film layers to ensure it is in compliance with building regulations. Save time and money with our certified testers.


Avoid future costs & repairs with a certified inspection.

Modena will conduct a thorough investigation to inspect the quality of your waterproofed surfaces to ensure that it is sufficient and compliant with local regulations.


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